Welter 2013 - Hair of the Dog
The Urbanite Magazine- Louis

The Baltimore Post-Examiner -Man In Plastic 

          "Asking Questions is a MUST SEE!"      What Weekly Magazine


The Balance Beam -

Baltimore Post-Examiner


PoetsInc -Circle Woman

One Image, One Hundred Voices-Empty Spaces

Survivor Magazine - Finger Vision

"Maybe the mind you're losing isn't the one you want."  Sitting Still

Asking Questions- 3W/3M 2 Acts 75 Min.

Comedy/drama  about unraveling a lie.   

Sitting Still - 6W/1M 2 Acts  60 Min.

Comedy/drama about a woman who couldn't.

Dying to Know - 3W/3M 1 Act 30 Min

Comedy about needing proof of love.

Clutching - 1W/3M 1 Act 10 Min.

Comedy about the battle of the sexes.


For copies of any of these plays please drop me a note in the "About" section of this site.




The Balance Beam -

Baltimore Post-Examiner

Nancy Murray